Wednesday, June 2, 2010

फेबुररी '१०

# I dont see much diff between a tree n a life of a person !!!
01 Feb,’10

# Flying high up !!!
01 Feb,’10

# Happy Birthday Kabita.. love u so much !!!
02 Feb,’10

# Everywhere I see is, The game of Advantages n Disadvantages !!!
03 Feb,’10

जनताको योद्धा म, मनोयुद्धमा अल्झेछु ।
राष्ट्रको सेवक म, स्वार्थमा पो फसेछु ।
04 Feb,’2010

# खै ! कुन रोग लागेछ त, अचानक पो निस्क्रिय भएँ म !
04 Feb,’2010

# I am Praying for The Peace but Loving The War at the times!
05 Feb,’10

# Better to bless the god instead of asking the the bliss from him !!!
05 Feb,’10

# Even I dont have the exact reason, why I've started miSSinG U !!!???
05 Feb,’10

# Small yet Heavy !
07 Feb,’10

# खुशी छु, खुशीसँगै अलि भावुक पनि !
07 Feb,’10

# I would like to thank all my Respected Seniors n Dear Friends, Brothers n Sisters, who wished me on my special day. You all really made my day wonderful. I am so happy that I have so many close ones to wish me. I am feeling my life is a complete becoz of u, not only today but I am enjoying your love, care n true friendship all the time. so glad to be with u all ! Thank you everyone !
08 Feb,’10

# बुवा, आमा र म !
09 Feb,’10

# रात पछी दिन आउछ । घाम पछी जून आउछ । सुखभित्र दु:ख हुन्छ । दु:खभित्र सुख हुन्छ । तर मैले सधैं ति दिन, घाम र सुख मात्र चाहिरहेछु । अध्यारोको डरले सधैं जून खोजिरहेछु ।
10 Feb,’10

# Tit for Tat !!!
11 Feb,’10

# Today, I gave u A Red Rose as a token of my love.. Yes, it's the Heart for Revolution !!!
14 Feb,’10

# देश हाँसे पो मन हाँस्छ, मन हाँसे पो सिर्जना हाँस्छिन् । कहिलेसम्म यसरी नै दुखी हुनु पर्ने होलिन्, मेरी सिर्जना !? तर, मैले सधैं भनिरहेछु," प्यारी, अब हामी हाँस्नु पर्छ है !"
17 Feb,’10

# Time to take a Right Decision !!!
17 Feb,’10

# ६० बर्षको नेपाली प्रजातन्त्र र ६० बर्षिय चिनिया जनगणतन्त्र ।
19 Feb,’10

# Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions - it only guarantees equality of opportunity.___Irving Kristol
20 Feb,’10

# Life is not that easy as u plan nor its too hard as u think !!!
21 Feb,’10

# Getting ready for the futbal match.. time to win !!!
22 Feb,’10

# Congrats guys.. we r alwaz the winners !!!
Well played guys. . (4-1)
22 Feb,’10

# म गर्दैछु आफ्नै परीक्षण !!!
23 Feb,’10

# Time to experiment myself !!!
25 Feb,’10

# Relation starts after we meet the people but sometimes its already made before we know each other !!!
26 Feb,’10

# साझा पृथ्वी !!!
27 Feb,’10

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